I'm an artist and graphic designer. For years I have drawn and photographed trees. Back in the chemical darkroom days, I created my first series of black and white photos of trees, and my obsession continues to this day. 


Over years of hiking and backpacking, I have come to appreciate the exceptional beauty and toughness of the trees that survive at high altitudes. My original focus was on high-altitude conifers. Many times I have been fooled, and many times I have been amazed by the variety of forms a tree will take. Photography has been part of the mandate to pay attention. And paying attention led to fascination with all conifers. 

Photos are the result of numerous trips to the Sierra, the Klamath, Lassen, the Warner Mountains, and the north coast of California, plus enlightening botanic gardens and inveterate city-wandering. Early black and white photos were taken in the Rocky Mountains.

—Emerald Canary