Araucaria bidwillii


Bunya-bunya at the San Francisco Botanical Garden

Bunya-bunya is native to Southern Queensland and northern New South Wales in Australia. It is a striking tree in its way, with branches arranged around the trunk in whorls. They are bare except for a dense tuft of small secondary branches at their tips, which bear narrowly triangular, stiff, pointy leaves.


Bunya-bunya grows slowly, and may live 300 to 500 years. It is pyramidal when young, achieving a domed crown when mature, and can grow to 145 feet.

Ovoid-subglobose seed cones can be 12 inches long and weigh up to 22 pounds! They take near two years to mature. Pollen cones are narrow, cylindrical, up to eight inches.

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The nutritious and large seeds of A. bidwillii were an important food source for aboriginal peoples and are now an Australian delicacy.

Photo H. Robertson, Iziko ©


Bunya-bunya or bunya pine (Araucaria bidwillii) is native to a small area of rainforest in eastern Australia, but is planted in many California parks, botanic gardens, and even as a street tree in Berkeley.