Picea pungens


In the Rocky Mountain states where it grows at moderate altitudes, blue spruce is most abundant in Colorado, hence Colorado blue spruce, but also called green spruce, white spruce or Colorado spruce. Blue spruce is the state tree of both Colorado and Utah.


This beautiful tree is much loved for its stately pyramidal form and waxy blue foliage, and is also used as a Christmas tree. There are many cultivars.

Although it is reported to grow with Engelmann spruce, it is not a timberline tree and generally grows at lower elevations, 

This handsome specimen grows in a yard near Boulder, Colorado.

Needles are about an inch long, four-angled, and spine-tipped. Color differences are due to genetic variations.

Seed cones are around three inches long, ellipsoid, with thin scales that are irregularly toothed.

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