Keteleeria evelyniana



Keteleeria evelyniana is from Yunnan province in southern China. The genus is also found in northern Laos, Vietnam, and Taiwan. That is the limit of my knowledge about this conifer, discovered while wandering through the UC Berkeley Botanical Garden. I had to stop to take photos of the extraordinary bark. 

The single needles resemble the needles of firs: there is a round scar when a needle is pulled off the stem. Indeed Keteleeria was considered for a while to be the genus Abies. Keteleeria evelyniana can grow to 115 feet, and the female cones can be eight inches long. Cone size and scale shape is highly variable within the other species. The genus Keteleeria is comprised of three or five species. Another unusual feature of the genus is that the multiple pollen cones arise from a single bud.