Abies x shastensis


The firs in the Klamath Mountains are dizzyingly complex, and more than once I've misidentified or given up in despair. Based on what I had read, I expected to find subalpine fir at Sky High Lakes in the Marble Mountain Wilderness. There is a continuum of red fir in the Sierra, which becomes Shasta fir in the Klamath Mountains, and noble fir scattered in extreme northwest California and southeast Oregon.

The firs I found do not have the narrow, spire-like form associated with subalpine fir, but do have grayish bark with resin blisters, and a somewhat starlike pattern to the new growth.

I was told by someone far more knowledgeable than me that these are Shasta firs.

The grove of firs is in the center of this photo of Sky High Lakes in the Marble Mountain Wilderness.

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