Pinus torreyana


Torrey pine at the Regional Parks Botanic Garden (Tilden Park near Berkeley, California) is of the subspecies from Santa Rosa Island grown from seeds collected in 1938.

Torrey pine has an extremely restricted range, naturally occurring in a small coastal area north of San Diego and on part of Santa Rosa Island. Small in its native range (now Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve), but obviously able to tolerate coastal conditions, I have seen them thriving near the Encinal Boat Ramp in Alameda, and at the Berkeley Marina as well as large specimens at the San Francisco Botanical Garden, Mills College, Oakland, and the Regional Parks Botanic Garden near Berkeley. It is not long lived, to 150 years, maybe.

Large, long (8–10 inches) needles are mostly in bunches of five, though occasionally three or four. The cones are quite large also (4–6 inches), roundish, and have a serious prickle on the ends of the scales.

Torrey pine (Pinus torreyana) at Encinal Boat Ramp in Alameda California